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Running is a popular health and wellness routine that’s beneficial to both our body and mind. It’s calming, yet empowering, and we get to enjoy a cardiovascular workout.

It is also convenient because you don’t need any fancy equipment to run for your health and fitness. But there is some gear that can make your running more convenient and safe.

best fitness products for 2018

Throwing all convention aside, we look at exercising as an anytime, anywhere activity. Whenever and wherever you are, you have the venue to do it, like a quiet street or a running trail, and it can be early in the morning or late at night after a busy day at the office to de-stress.

What you need though, is the proper gear to make it more convenient and safe. Here are some examples of gear for added safety and enhanced performance:

1. LED Safety Vest: Ideal for runners, cyclists or any sports enthusiast who takes his or her early morning or evening routine seriously.

The LED vest is lit up by 4 bright lights that will make you safer while running, cycling or doing activities on or off road, letting motorists, drivers, and other people be aware of you.

Your visibility serves as a precautionary and preventive measure for avoiding accidents and injuries. It is also advantageous for motorcyclists, especially for long distance and out of city limits roads, where visibility is minimal due to poor lighting.

best cycling safety products

Wear the vest to increase awareness of you by your group during early morning or late afternoon hikes going down mountain trails. The vest is made from a unique fiber to be lightweight and convenient as it’s adjustable to wear, anytime, anywhere.

The LED vest is designed to suit all kinds of activities. If you work night shifts on construction sites, the vest will make you safer. Also, it is convenient for kids, during night time outings, it makes it easier to spot them in the dark.

It might have been primarily designed for early morning or evening runners or cyclists, but it’s multipurpose.

2. Running Belt: Great for walking, running and other outdoor activities. It lets you carry your essentials and still be lightweight. Your running clothes prevent you from taking your essentials such as phone/mp3, keys, water bottle and sunblock.

The running belt is so slim that you’d hardly notice it’s there. The elastic and breathable belt makes it versatile for all sizes and does not clog your pores or accumulate sweat.

running belts for women

It is also great for hiking, to put your essentials in so you don’t have to reach back to your backpack. The belt has access for earphones separate from the zipper, which provides additional convenience.

Runners, cyclists, and even hikers can benefit from the slim design and modern features of the belt. It won’t distract you from your routine, whilst carrying the important things such as mobile phone, keys and water. On long runs or practicing for a marathon, the slim runner belt can store your water bottle and first aid kit without disrupting your routine or route. Best of all, the running belt is water resistant and is made from waterproof nylon, ensuring your essentials are protected from water splashes, sweat, mud, rain, and snow.

3. Hydration Backpack: Sports and fitness activities can leave you parched and dehydrated. The problem with certain sports, fitness or leisure activities is that it can be cumbersome to be carrying a drinking bottle while performing the sport, routine or activity.

A great gear to keep you hydrated while running, cycling or hiking is the hydration backpack. It keeps the water pouch steady while you are doing your activity, so it is hands free.

top 5 hydration backpacks

Hydration is important when doing strenuous sports activities, but it’s also important that you need to hydrate only when your body tells you to, and that’s the convenience of the backpack.

You drink when you need, not only when water is available. It is practical to use, while running or cycling, so you don’t have to stop to drink - you can take a sip while still moving.

The pack has a water bladder that is easy to connect and disconnect and a bite valve that allows you to drink effortlessly by biting on the valve. It also has pockets for valuables, and adjustable straps that keeps the bag stable while you are moving.

It is made from soft material to ensure comfort. It is hard to keep focused on your activity when you feel discomfort. The hydration backpack’s soft polyester material ensures you stay comfortable while carrying 2 liters of water.

Keep yourself in great shape and health engaging in your favorite sporting and leisure activities with the comfort and convenience of this gear.

Keep yourself safe while doing your activities, working, or riding motorcycles with the LED vest. Your safety is important especially when doing night time activities. It is also recommended for children for easy identification and visibility at night.

The running belt and hydration backpack are both designed for convenience and practicality.

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