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5 Ways To Care For Your Sunglasses

By Pam Brown March 28, 2018

You finally got the Holy Grail sunglasses, after hours of trying everything in the store, taking endless selfies and starving your friend who decided to accompany you to the store. But are you keeping them pristine shape, showing it some TLC now and then?

Our mantra here at is that one can optimally brave any kind of day or situation with some good coffee and a pair of worthy sunglasses. You’ve seen it on every celebrity in their candid photos and it doesn’t matter if they are wearing a pair of torn jeans or mismatched outfits- they look cool!

Vintage sunglasses products

In this article, we take you back to the basics. A good pair of sunglasses get a lot of wear and tear in them and it shows, like a small scratch here or a dust in the frame. Our guide on five simple and easy-peasy ways to care for them will require only a minimal amount of your time and will make your favorite pair last longer and give you a good return on your investment.

  1. On Your Face Or In The Case

This one is as basic as it comes- always carry your sunglasses in a sturdy case, or better yet, the one it came in. Most sunglasses come with a company manufactured case and that would be the ideal place to store it when not in use.

A case will make sure your sunnies are protected from minor scratches or damages that it might be subject to if it just sits on your dash or floats around in your handbag. Imagine the environment of an average handbag; keys, chewing gum, loose change, make up, hair brush, wallet, snacks, pens and/or pencils.

You the idea- there are several sharp and hard items, all contained within a square foot of space! Tossing it in your bad can also make it difficult to extract it when you need it and it may snag on some of the items and result in a less than perfect fit.

sunglasses for pilots

  1. You May Frown But It’s Not A Crown

As a thumb rule that everyone who ever wore a pair of spectacles or sunglasses knows, what goes up has to come down. As a best practice, never prop your sunglasses over your head because it will distort the shape and fitting of the sunnies.

Remember all those times it just kept slipping off whenever you looked down or bent down to pick up something? Yes, let’s not go there. What will also most definitely happen if you slip it over your head is that the hinges of the frame will come loose and might even fall out.

Sunglasses that slide down your nose is a telltale sign of neglect. Save a trip to the eye wear shop, tuck it safely away in its case or in a safe place! The least you could do is wrap it in a microfiber cloth or scarf before you put it away.

sunglasses for all occasions

  1. Clean Till It Gleams

Wiping it with your shirt, that’s the lazy person’s shortcut to take care of fingerprints, moisture and dust. For something that literally goes on your face, it definitely deserves a bit more care than that!

And while we’re at it, never use paper towels or other rough material which can cause micro scratches when wiped vigorously. We recommend that you clean your sunglasses at least once a week with a small soft cotton cloth or microfiber cloth and a gentle lens solution spray.

Start by cleaning out all the dust particles and then use lens solution to gently clean away the fingerprints and sweat. If you do not have access to lens solution, a mixture of a mild dish soap and water will work just as fine.

  1. Just Adjust

The perfect pair that you found after trying on a bazillion others, we hate to remind you but it was probably also tried on by a bazillion other before you found it! Though it is really common to have eyeglasses adjusted, people just plain forget to have their sunglasses adjusted (or maybe they were just tired after the exercise of trying on so many!).

A small tweak in the hinges/screws can make a world of difference on how it fits on you. This is especially important for pairs with nose pads.

Getting it adjusted will make the sunglasses less likely to slip off your face and save you the onerous task of pushing it back up on your nose every now and then.

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  1. Beat The Heat

Your precious sunglasses are supposed to protect your eyes from the sun, but leaving them out exposed to direct sunlight, like on your dashboard for example, is nothing short of sunglasses maltreatment! Needless to say, car dashboards are the biggest off-zone for sunglasses, the heat reflected off your windshield is enough to soften the material and that may lead to the lens changing shape or ill-fitting.

It can erode or change the composition of the UV protection layer or Polaroid layer on your lenses with prolonged exposure. Also in our avoid list are picnic table tops, beach sand, patios and window sills!

beach sunglasses

Just stop and think about it; our sunglasses are so good to us! They shield our eyes from the sun’s harmful rays, enable us to discreetly spy on people while appearing not to look at them, conceal hangovers that you have no wish to publicize, make you look like a rock star even with no makeup on.

It’s time we stop treating them so poorly and you only have to follow our simple guide to improving your relationship with your sunnies. If after all these eye-opening tips you realize that you need a new pair, feel free to take a look at our latest and on-trend collection of drool worthy sunglasses. Summer is beckoning!

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