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Genius Kitchen Products You Can't Live Without

By Anne Orear March 30, 2018

When it comes to the most ingenious kitchen products ever produced, the egg cooker, digital measuring cup, and under-the-counter jar opener are three of the most impressive on the market. As you might expect, there is an obvious utility for these particular items but then the unique nature of each one is what really gives them a distinct appeal which is often absent in the kitchen.

With this in mind, here is a brief rundown on these ingenious kitchen products and precisely why you need them in your kitchen:

3 Ingenious Kitchen Products You Cannot Live Without

  1. Egg Cooker – Hard Boiled Eggs without the Shell

Incredibly, you can use this unassuming device to prepare many forms of egg including scrambled eggs and even eggs Benedict. However, the boiled egg is arguably the most challenging to cook.

In case you might be wondering, the most traditional way to make a boiled egg is to place an egg in one inch of water and bring the saucepan to the boil. At this point, the best practice is to remove the pot and leave it covered for up to twelve minutes.

Finally, some cold water is run over the egg to slow down the cooking and the eggs can then be pealed. Ironically, what sounds like a rather simple process is often difficult, for even the slightest variation of the above instructions can spoil the egg.

Kitchen product that makes our lives easier

That is to say, one minute too soon and the eggs are under cooked while overcooking will entirely ruin the finished product. With this in mind, the egg cooker removes any risk of getting this fine process wrong and provides a non-stick cup which also ensures there are no shell remnants on the boiled egg when you take it out.

In fact, this is arguably the main reason for the increased popularity of the egg cooker as removing the shell is usually the most time-consuming part of boiling an egg and this unique contraption brings a certain sense of satisfaction to the operation. As a result, every single egg is perfectly boiled and slots out of the cup with so much ease that it makes the conventional process seem like a chore.

Although boiling an egg may seem like a straightforward idea, everyone knows that this process is a lot more tricky and frustrating than meets the eye. The egg cooker solves this issue and provides the home with a kitchen product that makes this concept a thoroughly enjoyable experience.

Note – This device is dishwasher safe and the manual includes full instructions on how to use the egg cooker.

  1. Digital Measuring Cup and Scales

As you may know, the kitchen scales and measuring cup are two of the most commonly used products when it comes to cooking and preparation. Interestingly, this Digital Measuring Cup and Scales combine both concepts to produce a superior kitchen product which takes up half the amount of space.

Furthermore, this unique product has a digital counter which is also capable of weighing produce of ingredients in a variety of units including ounces, pounds, grams, cups and fluid ounces. In an active kitchen, measurement is one of the key factors for producing a meal of any kind.

Kitchen products for convenience

Whether the measuring cup is used to combine liquids or assess the volume of a specific produce, this measurement is crucial for replicating a recipe as closely as possible. Needless to say, getting these measurements right is the best option for mastering a particular dish and ensuring that no one ingredient in the meal is overpowering or inadequate in terms of taste.

Similarly, weighing scales are the most accurate means of measuring ingredients and choosing the right amount of produce, every time. At the same time, both of these concepts can also be used to measure the ingredients for shakes or juices and this seems even more important at a time when organic drinks are increasingly popular.

As for the design, this digital kitchen product takes up far less space than almost any other alternative and a long battery life ensures that this can be an ingenious companion in your kitchen for a long time to come.

  1. Under-Counter Jar Opener

Although the Under Counter Jar Opener is marketed toward those who may have trouble when it comes to opening jars, bottles or cans, this accessory offers

When you consider the simple functionality of a jar opener, there is nothing overwhelming about this tiny gadget. However, the sheer convenience of an opener is most often underestimated in a sense that this small contraption can open any of the above more quickly and effectively than any other kitchen tool.

That being said, there is now a way to add further convenience to this process using an Under Counter Jar Opener. As a rule, the Under Counter Jar Opener is designed to free up space in the kitchen drawer and stay attached in an easily accessible spot.

helpful kitchen products

In this sense, you can obviously use the Under Counter Jar Opener in the same way as a standard opener but also save time when it comes to searching for the tool. Furthermore, given how often this tool is used, it makes sense to keep it out and ready while the main feature of this device is to be conspicuous and stay concealed out of sight under the counter.

As already mentioned, the Under Counter Jar Opener is suitable for those who have trouble opening bottles, cans or jars and this is sometimes elderly folk or those with arthritis. However, the sheer convenience and unique utility of this kitchen product make it one of the most useful, valuable and affordable kitchen tools you are likely to find.

As you can see, these ingenious products take up a small amount of space yet provide an immense amount of value in the home. With this in mind, have you got them and who do you know that might love one of these handy accessories in the kitchen?


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