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In August 2017 we started to sell the layered lunch box available in pink, green or blue.  

In this article I want to highlight all the features and benefits so you can make the most of your new purchase.

Environmentally Sound

First and foremost, the containers are environmentally sound. Stainless steel is highly durable, which means these items will last. The lunch boxes can be used over and over again for hot and cold foods. This reduces waste from lunch bags, food wrapping materials, and store bought, packaged foods. Every little step taken to reduce waste makes a difference.

Top tip and advice 
As I said above the lunch box does include stainless steel with-in the layered sections so you can't put those sections into a microwave, however you can put the all plastic sections into the microwave, see photos below.
Microwaveable sections

    None microwaveable sections

      Multiple Meal Options

      What makes these containers especially unique is their layered sections.You can add or remove layers as you need them, depending on your meal preferences of the day. 
      The food options are pretty much limitless and over the next few weeks I will be writing a number of articles that highlight a wide range of options (look out for the emails).
      Below are some ideas to inspire your meal preps!

      Popular Hot Foods
      Stew, broth, soup, curry, rice, chilli, mince beef and dumplings, potatoes, meatballs, spaghetti, pasta, baked beans, vegetables, noodles, chicken wings, nuggets, stir fry, pulled pork, tacos, casseroles, lasagna. (the list is endless these are just a few ideas)

      Popular Cold Foods
      pasta, potato salad, tuna salad, tossed salad, rice dishes, sandwiches (see below), fruit, vegetables, chips, quiche, cheese, meats, yogurt + many dessert options.

      Tips and notes
      Hot food will only stay hot for two to three hours depending on if you purchased the bag or not. This can be troublesome for work or school lunches so I would suggest prepping cold food, heating food up using the microwaveable sections above or buying the microwaveable lunch box.


        Back in my college days of the 1990s, I remember having to be careful in my food selections. Lunch containers weren’t generally insulated for the cold. In other words, I’d be taking a bit of a risk packing tuna salad and potato on a hot day. Some days, in fact, I’d eat my lunch by 11:00 am just to ensure the food was still fresh.

        With the 100% BPA free lunch boxes, you can be sure your food will be kept cold and fresh all day. 


        The containers are ideal for other meals, not only lunch. For someone on the go, it is nice to grab a container of hot oatmeal for the road, or even some bacon and scrambled eggs.  Parents can also send their hurried children off to school with a freshly baked muffin or scone in one container, and some fresh berries in another.
        There are many other recipe suggestions look out for the breakfast article next week. 


          Food safety is always a concern for adults and children alike. Airborne bacteria  and mold can result from unclean and improperly sealed bags and containers.

          This portable system has a screw top locking system that creates an airtight seal. The double-walled vacuum insulated exterior keeps food cold for up to 6 hours or hot up to 3 hours. The exterior will not sweat condensation or be hot to the touch. Most importantly, it keeps bacteria out. 

          The airtight factor also means you don’t have to worry about embarrassing spillage in your purse, suitcase or knapsack. As a daily bus commuter, I appreciate the convenience of slipping the lunch containers in my oversize purse without the fear that soup will leak out if the bus takes a sudden turn.

          Easy on the Waistline and Pocketbook

          Food trucks and food courts abound in our towns and cities. It’s so easy just to pop out for a snack or a meal. While this offers a quick fix, it can add up in two ways:

          1. Eating out on a daily basis, or even a few times a week, can be tough on the pocketbook. It all adds up over time. Whereas, with a little planning and preparation, one can create tasty and affordable portable meals on a few dollars a day.   In fact, we will be featuring some delicious and easy meal ideas in upcoming blog articles. Stay tuned!

          2. Weight Control. We have received letters from customers who thank us for the lunch containers. With portion control, they are able to keep better track of their caloric intake. One lady even boasted a ten-pound weight loss after several weeks of daily-dedicated use of the containers!

          Snacks on the Go

          Beyond lunches and breakfasts, the containers are ideal for snacks at outdoor sporting events, especially for large families. With multiple containers, everyone is assured a crack at tasty popcorn, chocolate, and mixed-nut snacks. The same goes for picnics and other special outings; you can bring your favorite snacks and drinks to a myriad of social get together.

            The Surprise Factor 

            Children love fun surprises. That’s where the containers come in. Parents can offer all sorts of delightful meal options in the various boxes, for their child to open up at school. “What did Dad come up with today?” Rather than another boring  sandwich, children will look forward to mealtime, as they have a wider variety of hot and cold dishes to choose from.

            I would like to also say don't get me wrong sandwiches are awesome and easy to prep, I use round buns and fill them with all kids of fillings that the young and old will love.

            Some children may even be so inspired as to help plan and prepare their meals the night before. This in fact could evolve into a regular family activity: shopping for ingredients, preparing the dishes and filling the containers.

            Upcoming Meal Series

            Starting soon, we will be launching a simple-and-affordable recipe series for the lunch containers. The series will feature hearty soups, exotic salads, Mexican bowls, and even some fun kids’ lunches.  Breakfast and baking ideas may also be included. 

            We’d love to hear your own recipe or snack ideas. How have you used the lunch containers?  What’s your favorite dish? We would also like to know what sorts of meal and snack ideas you’d like to learn more about.

            Please feel free to share your ideas, recipes and photos! Email us at or post your recipes and photos on our Facebook page.

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            • I work long hours and I love my lunch box. I am able to bring lunch and fruits for the whole day. The lunch box is convenient and efficient.

              Vivette Fletcher on

            • My granddaughter loves this lunch box, now I need a boys lunch box, she puts just about anything you can think of in her lunch box, great idea for sure, she loves this lunch box

              Anna Erickson on

            • I’m super excited to receive my order, can I please get the status of my order. I also love the color pink, I purchased the 3 layer combination with bag. Hurry, hurryw, hurry!

              Cynthia Doss on

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